What can you do when your preferred domain name is already registered by a third party?

What are your options to start a claim against the current owner? Or would it be better to negotiate and try to purchase the domain name? If so, how should you conduct the negotiations?

If you are a trademark owner, your chances of successfully claiming a domain name are obviously better than if you do not have trademark rights. On the other hand, the current owner might ask a higher price when he knows that you have a corresponding trademark (and are desperate to use the domain name…).

What are the relevant rules on bad faith, parked domains, and unfair competition?

At Finnian & Columba, we have solid experience in successfully handling domain name disputes, both before Belgian courts and arbitration (Cepani), and internationally (WIPO, CAC, Forum, ADNDRC, etc.).

Bart Van Besien is an arbitrator in domain name disputes with Cepani (.be), National Arbitration Forum (USA Р.com, .org., .net, etc.), Czech Arbitration Court (.com, .net, .org, etc.), CIIDRC (Canada -.com, .org., .net, etc.), and the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center (.com, .net, .org, enz.).