Domain names

IT & e-commerce




You want to use an internet domain name that is already registered by someone else? You wonder what you can actually do to claim the domain name? At Finnian & Columba, we have years of experience with negotiations and disputes concerning domain names.

What can we do for you?

  • Negotiate the transfer or sale of a domain name.
  • Conduct procedures in court or arbitration regarding domain names: We first give you a written opinion (advice) on your chances of success and the costs and risks involved. Based on this first analysis, you can decide whether or not to file a claim, to start negotiations, or to lodge a procedure.
  • We have years of experience as attorneys representing clients in domain name disputes, both for the Belgian courts and for national and international arbitration colleges (ADR / UDRP / URS), including Cepani, WIPO, National Arbitration Forum, and the Czech Arbitration Court).
  • We also have years of experience as an arbitrator deciding disputes over domain names. Bart Van Besien has been recognized as a: