At Finnian & Columba, we firmly believe that prevention through training is better than having to solveĀ problems once faced with them.

We can organize practical training sessions and work shops on various topics, including:

  • Copyright clearance & protection;
  • Use of trademarks (e.g. in Facebook, AdWords, etc.);
  • Privacy & data protection;
  • Use of social media;
  • Defamation and reputation management (including right to be forgotten and removal requests);
  • Advertising law and sponsorship regulations: how to make sure that your advertising campaign complies with all applicable rules?;
  • Legal tips and tricksĀ for start-ups;
  • Legal aspects of IT and software service contract negotiations;
  • Legal rules for e-commerce and online shops (return and guarantees, payment and invoicing, compulsory information requirements, etc);
  • How to defend your rights online (e.g. online copyright infringements for photographers, child protection, consumer protection, privacy, etc.);
  • Legal aspects of the sharing economy (e.g. rules on Airbnb, Uber, etc.);
  • How to protect your intellectual property?
  • Other courses tailored to your specific needs.